Divine Feminine Guidance

I believe when we are fully aligned with the divine feminine source, and we live from our authentic soul expressions as the masters of our unique gifts we have the opportunity to be of great service to humanity and the earth. By Becoming and Being our authentic soul expressions as our unique divine goddess selves, we are able to catalyze and transform personal challenges into empowered and compassionate ways of being. By Becoming and Being our unique divine feminine selves, our commitment to be of service to the divine feminine aligns us to our authentic soul's desires, and we experience magical synchronicities as our dreams manifest into reality. 

By committing to unveiling your authentic soul on the divine feminine spiritual path, the process opens you toward living a life of love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony, and peace for your self, family, friends, ancestors, and the entire planet. Your commitment is a courageous choice, one that is forever life enhancing. 

I, Regina Stribling, am the Queen of Illumination. I traverse deep with you into the jungles of your shadows, and illuminate the way forward toward the temple of your divine essence. I walk with you in your internal labyrinth of fears with compassion and fierce grace. Guiding you to transform your negative unserving beliefs, habits, and patterns to become empowered to embrace the light of who you are. With my diamond primordial staff, I point you in the direction toward your authentic soul expression — rebirthing you to the truth of who you are. Together, as we walk your spiritual labyrinth journey, I mentor you to empower yourself toward your mastery of Becoming and Being your unique divine feminine goddess warrior priestess self!

We accomplish this through an initiation sequence of guided journeys, meditation, inquiry, action steps practices, and deeply connecting with your authentic soul in a specialized program called the Labyrinth of Illumination. This initiation program has been developed from my 14+ years of transformative personal growth through exploring my spiritual path including: transpersonal experiences, Master’s studies, mystical Christic experiences, energy healing, meditation, and guided journeying.

If the Labyrinth of Illumination Program deeply calls to you, schedule a discovery call with me to discuss working together.